Camp Pendleton Liberty Limits

station during the special liberty period and not return prior to the beginning of the leave period, then the entire leave and liberty period will be charged as leave . 3 . Liberty limits can be viewed in enclosure (2) Deviation from the above limits may be granted by approved authorization via MOL . (g) Foreign Travel.

 · Marine Corps Boot Camp is the longest and toughest military basic training,at 13 weeks long with more than 70 "training days" in a period of 12 weeks.

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See enclosure (1) for a geographical depiction of liberty limits. (a) Those on regular liberty or special liberty of 24 hours or less will not proceed beyond 80 miles from the closest MCBQ gate. (b) Those on liberty of more than 24 hours will not proceed beyond 300 miles from the closest MCBQ gate.

Liberty limits can be viewed in enclosure (2). 4. Deviation.. vicinity of Camp Pendleton, leave and liberty – Headquarters Marine Corps – INSTRUCTIONS TO BE INCLUDED IN LOCAL LEAVE AND LIBERTY. leave and liberty consistent with work- load and.. travel beyond normal liberty limits.

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Liberty will normally be granted at the end of one normal working day until the commencement of the next working day. Normal working hours is considered to be 0730-1630, Monday through friday. field training and unit readiness may often necessitate modification to these normal working hours. 1. regular Liberty.

"Off Limits" Areas on Reverse ) (circle one) Yes NO or N/A. 9. Your overall potential for injury during this period? (circle one) Low Moderate High. d.96 Hour liberty Limit – 300 Mile limit4. Club San Diego, 3955 Fourth St, S.D.

Although restrictions on liberty and alcohol for U.S. troops on. The limits on off- base activities were prompted by the arrests of a. a sailor assigned to Camp Schwab, was arrested for allegedly raping a Japanese woman.

U.S. Marine Corps Col. James Hanlon, command inspector general, I Marine Expeditionary Force held his retirement ceremony at the Ranch House, Camp Pendleton, Calif., Jan 11, 2019. Hanlon served honorably for 30 years as a UH-1Y Huey pilot and instructor, serving in various billets across the Marine Corps, and is set to retire April 1st, 2019.

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