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Veteran Rating is a FREE resource that helps Veterans identify possible disabilities that warrant an increase based on the severity of their symptoms. We refer to a network of highly knowledgeable, full-service companies that collaborate with medical professionals who get to know Veterans, their disabilities, and their needs.

Any condition that is secondary to these service-connected conditions may also be eligible for veterans disability benefits. Need More Help? Woods & Woods never charges a penny unless we win your claim. There is never a fee for legal consultations regarding your Veterans Disability Benefits.

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If VA finds that a Veteran has multiple disabilities, VA uses the Combined Ratings Table below to calculate a combined disability rating. Disability ratings are not additive, meaning that if a Veteran has one disability rated 60% and a second disability 20%, the combined rating is not 80%.

Secondary Service Connection. This type of service connection exists when one service-connected disability is the cause of another disability. The second disability does not need to be directly related to military service, but would not have occurred but for the first disability (the one caused by military service).

Military retirees who have service connected disabilities are eligible for disability compensation. The type and amount of disability compensation eligibility is based on several factors including.

Evidence of service-connection for first disability: To get your secondary service-connected disabilities awarded, you are going to have to first prove your initial service-connected disability. You should submit any evidence of medical treatment, diagnosis, vocational reports, psychological exams, etc., and any other relevant evidence.

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How Do Benefits Work if I have Two Separate Service-Connected Medical Conditions? Let’s say you have two separate medical conditions, both of which are service-connected and thus qualify for VA disability compensation. How will the VA combine these ratings?

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