How To Get Your Equity Card

Since you are (like me) a member of SAG-AFTRA, you can join Actors’ Equity if you have 3 background vouchers (when you worked as an "extra") or can show proof that you had either a principal or U-5 ("under-five") contract. From the Actors’ Equity website: " Associated Actors and Artistes.

2 ways: you either work for theaters (summer stock, lort theaters) from which you earn equity points and eventually have enough points to get your equity card or 2 get hired by an equity.

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How to Get an Equity Card Gain employment under Equity Contract (this is often tricky because some shows won’t let you audition. Be a member of a "sister union" such as SAG, AFTRA, or AGMA. Utilize the Equity Membership Candidate Program. If you are an actor or stage manager-in-training,

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During your search for auditions, you've undoubtedly come across the terms. Here's how to make sense of Equity and non-Equity auditions.

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Best Answer: You cannot join Equity unless you have an Equity job. Go to an open call for an equity show. They are allowed to take a couple of none union members into the cast. Eventually you will be allowed to join Actor’s Equity. Another way would be by being a member of a "sister union". If you do not.

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If you are an actor or stage manager "in training," as the actors’ equity association website states, you can participate in a program that will eventually grant you an Equity card. Equity candidates have to complete 50 non-consecutive weeks of work at a participating actors’ equity association theaters.

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